Tom Ventura and Jon Merrill one in the same

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Tom Ventura and Jon Merrill one in the same

Post by vsobs on Mon 15 Oct 2012 - 14:46

According to Lou Lamoriello, Jon Merrill suffered a fractured neck. It appears that Merrill will be out 6 AT LEAST 6 WEEKS and will be wearing Tommy's neck brace during that time It is another issue Merrill has to deal with as he attempts to make the jump to the NHL in a few years. Last year Merrill spent half the season in the press box for disciplinary issues. This year it's a broken neck. Let's hope for a speedy recovery for Tommy's sake as his development has taken several setbacks in the last two years. What's ironic about this injury is that it happened in an exhibition game Oct 11/2012 against the Windsor Lancers. Nope, that not a missprint. That's right, the Windsor Lancers. Tommy apparently works with a guy who has information as to who the culprit was and is looking to take his knees out in a dark alley.

In the meantime, let's keep track of Ivan Telegin's progress in the AHL as a 1st yr. rookie. So far 1 pt. in 2 games. I mean he's not a 2nd rd'er like Merrill but let's keep an eye on Vic's 5th rd. pick flyer who was Atlanta's 4th rd pick. Could be something here.

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Re: Tom Ventura and Jon Merrill one in the same

Post by tventura on Sat 6 Apr 2013 - 17:05

Team Homo's would like to congratulate Jon Merrill with his first professional goal last night, as u all know Jon-boy is making the AHL his little bitch with 6pts in his first 4 gms. Say hello to the devils future PP quarterback, Larsson b afraid b very afraid!

Vic please re-read your post and answer me one question...

Did u just have a really bad 5th round pick (Telegin) or did we have a great 5th round pick (Merrill)?

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